Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You Can't Go Home Again If You've Got No Home

So.. we're in the middle of our lovely cross-country moving expedition.. ok technically we haven't even started yet, but we're in the middle of our packing for our cross-country moving expedition, and we're thoroughly sick of moving.

At least I am.

My wife is giddy at getting to her new school, and at the thought of getting her Doctorate, and immersing herself in teaching her first College Course, (who knew they had PhD candidates start teaching from essentially the get-go).. but the downer part of our situation..

... we still haven't found a home to rent.  Housing is at a premium in Harrisonburg, VA it seems, and every house we try to move on either has someone sign the paperwork the day we inquire about it.. or the owner decides to rent it to a personal friend after we've done everything.. including mailing a check.

So.. we're about a month from when we're supposed to be out of this house in Utah, and we've got nowhere to actually move our stuff into at this point.

But no stress or anything.


Oh yeah, the better half had surgery bout a week ago.. she's not supposed to do anything strenuous for 8 weeks.

So of course, she's been outside pulling weeds out of the 'rock yard' that is our front yard because the landlord wants to sell the place as soon as we move.. and the entire front yard and half the back is all gravel with no weed barier, so of course there's tons of weeds and grass, even after we put down weed/grass killer.  But that was before she started developing a pain in the surgical region.. so now she's back at the Dr's office this morning to get looked at.

So.. yup, no stress in our lives.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So I've been scarce lately.. mostly due to circumstances beyond my control.  My wife is pursuing her PhD, which means that we're relocating to the State of Virginia shortly, (bout a month and a half or so away now).. and in the process we're starting to organize and look for a place to live.. (already had one place fall through unfortunately).. but we're also taking care of other things beyond the obvious.

For example, my wife is currently in the Hospital after recovering from surgery for some 'womenly issues' that we wanted to have taken care of before we leave the area, and frankly before we lose her decent health insurance.

Surgery was a complete success and she'll come home this afternoon/evening.  But conveniently, no heavy lifting for 6-8 weeks, which leaves me as the errand boy and her as the supervisor in this move.

I HATE moving.
SOOO unfair.

Anyway, so all this real life drama and attention is stealing my attention and time away from not only writing, but my blog updates as well.

It's a necessary evil for us to progress and chase those dreams.  Just upsets the apple cart for a bit.

I'll try to get back into a rhythm shortly, and hopefully we'll find a place to live as well.  Oh the joys of moving.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Review: Divergent

Divergent by Veronica Roth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OK, right off the top. Paranormal/Dystopian romances aren't really my thing. I did like Hunger Games, and I've enjoyed a more technical type of Dystopian story, (Partials recently for example).. but Dystopian that are centered on romance are just too goofy for my taste. "Yes, I'm going to die from some horrible disease or zombies or xxx.. but I LOVE you Jake!"


But, Divergent doesn't fall, imho, in that genre. It was a fun read.. a very fast read for me. I was really caught up in the story.. until the end at least.

I really enjoyed the world that Roth created, enjoyed the diversity of the Factions and their interplay.. and the characters were very well written imho. I did, however, find myself not really liking the end part, but I guess every Dystopian has to have an 'evil empire' type entity that the hero has to bravely oppose.

I really loved the way the Hunger Games let the evil entity of the Government play in the background more in the first book, that was, imho, one of it's most brilliant points, and here Roth does that for 90% of the book. It's only when the 'EE' is brought to center stage that the story lagged for me.

Still, a very, very good debut book for someone so young. I just hope the series doesn't nose-dive like Hunger Games did for me.

Stay on the story, not the political agenda PLEASE.. and I'll be happy.

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Review: The Serpent's Shadow

The Serpent's Shadow
The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While not as good as the Percy Jackson series, this is a fun read.. I always think of books like these as junk food.. not real hard to read, in fact I read it in about a day and a half of pretty casual reading.. but Riordan is in his element writing with a Pre-Teen's voice. (No disrespect intended)

I did find the switching viewpoints distracting sometimes, and the female lead's British accent was.. well it just stunk to be honest. It was like reading a little girl with a made-up cockney accent.. (E'llo Guvner, like a spot o' tee?) OK maybe that's a bit harsh, but it just didn't flow for me. Her entire demeanor was American Teen.. and then there'd be some English slang thrown in occasionally.

Ahhh well, who am I to judge I guess.. never been a British Pre-Teen Girl.

I did like it, it's like eating cotton candy. If you space the books out and just enjoy it for what it is without looking too hard at the ingredients, it's fun and will leave you wanting more.. but not right away.

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Fun with Traveling..

So the better half went to Virginia to scope out a place for us to live while she pursues her PhD.. and of course problems and hilarity follow.

Storms started popping up on Friday, leading to flight cancelations, delays, and missed connections.  Plus.. the Hotel where she was staying.. yup.. booked solid past her stay due to Graduation ceremonies.

So.. from flying out at the same airport, her flight got changed to a neighboring airport an hour away.. then to a different airport an hour away, then that flight got delayed so it arrived in Washington DC an hour AFTER the connecting flight...

.. so at 3am this morning she drove 2.5 hours to Washington DC and caught a flight out of there to come home.

But of course that flight was delayed by about 2 hours.. so after spending about 38 hours awake trying to get this all figured out and driving on unfamiliar roads in our Nation's Capital to get to the Airport.. she is passed out on a flight back to SLC as I type.. arriving somewhere between noon and August.. depending on future delays, cancelations, and rerouting.

May or may not be an actual
representation of aforementioned house.
But.. we think we did find out future house in Virginia.. a beautiful home about 15 minutes from campus that is actually located in a gated community that is part of a 4-season resort.

Yeah.. that's right.  Pity my wife.. but envy me.

Guess what time of year it is.... FIRST DRAFT TIME!!!