Fun with Traveling..

So the better half went to Virginia to scope out a place for us to live while she pursues her PhD.. and of course problems and hilarity follow.

Storms started popping up on Friday, leading to flight cancelations, delays, and missed connections.  Plus.. the Hotel where she was staying.. yup.. booked solid past her stay due to Graduation ceremonies.

So.. from flying out at the same airport, her flight got changed to a neighboring airport an hour away.. then to a different airport an hour away, then that flight got delayed so it arrived in Washington DC an hour AFTER the connecting flight...

.. so at 3am this morning she drove 2.5 hours to Washington DC and caught a flight out of there to come home.

But of course that flight was delayed by about 2 hours.. so after spending about 38 hours awake trying to get this all figured out and driving on unfamiliar roads in our Nation's Capital to get to the Airport.. she is passed out on a flight back to SLC as I type.. arriving somewhere between noon and August.. depending on future delays, cancelations, and rerouting.

May or may not be an actual
representation of aforementioned house.
But.. we think we did find out future house in Virginia.. a beautiful home about 15 minutes from campus that is actually located in a gated community that is part of a 4-season resort.

Yeah.. that's right.  Pity my wife.. but envy me.


  1. Ohhhh... your poor sweetheart! That's AWFUL. What a horrid past couple days. But man... that house will be worth it *wink* ;)


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