You Can't Go Home Again If You've Got No Home

So.. we're in the middle of our lovely cross-country moving expedition.. ok technically we haven't even started yet, but we're in the middle of our packing for our cross-country moving expedition, and we're thoroughly sick of moving.

At least I am.

My wife is giddy at getting to her new school, and at the thought of getting her Doctorate, and immersing herself in teaching her first College Course, (who knew they had PhD candidates start teaching from essentially the get-go).. but the downer part of our situation..

... we still haven't found a home to rent.  Housing is at a premium in Harrisonburg, VA it seems, and every house we try to move on either has someone sign the paperwork the day we inquire about it.. or the owner decides to rent it to a personal friend after we've done everything.. including mailing a check.

So.. we're about a month from when we're supposed to be out of this house in Utah, and we've got nowhere to actually move our stuff into at this point.

But no stress or anything.


Oh yeah, the better half had surgery bout a week ago.. she's not supposed to do anything strenuous for 8 weeks.

So of course, she's been outside pulling weeds out of the 'rock yard' that is our front yard because the landlord wants to sell the place as soon as we move.. and the entire front yard and half the back is all gravel with no weed barier, so of course there's tons of weeds and grass, even after we put down weed/grass killer.  But that was before she started developing a pain in the surgical region.. so now she's back at the Dr's office this morning to get looked at.

So.. yup, no stress in our lives.


  1. Oh dear, poor you. You must be firm with your wife though and not allow her to do anything until the healing process is complete. Good luck with everything......

  2. No stress?!!! Moving is always so much work because it's not just the moving part. It's the sorting, getting rid of, packing, cleaning, picking weeds....Good luck with your move.


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