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Divergent by Veronica Roth

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OK, right off the top. Paranormal/Dystopian romances aren't really my thing. I did like Hunger Games, and I've enjoyed a more technical type of Dystopian story, (Partials recently for example).. but Dystopian that are centered on romance are just too goofy for my taste. "Yes, I'm going to die from some horrible disease or zombies or xxx.. but I LOVE you Jake!"


But, Divergent doesn't fall, imho, in that genre. It was a fun read.. a very fast read for me. I was really caught up in the story.. until the end at least.

I really enjoyed the world that Roth created, enjoyed the diversity of the Factions and their interplay.. and the characters were very well written imho. I did, however, find myself not really liking the end part, but I guess every Dystopian has to have an 'evil empire' type entity that the hero has to bravely oppose.

I really loved the way the Hunger Games let the evil entity of the Government play in the background more in the first book, that was, imho, one of it's most brilliant points, and here Roth does that for 90% of the book. It's only when the 'EE' is brought to center stage that the story lagged for me.

Still, a very, very good debut book for someone so young. I just hope the series doesn't nose-dive like Hunger Games did for me.

Stay on the story, not the political agenda PLEASE.. and I'll be happy.

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  1. I hate it when a book just turns at the end like that. I've been reading a lot of reviews like that lately. Seems to be a trend in writing.

  2. I really liked Divergent until the end also. Not only did we suddenly face the Evil Empire, but it just didn't work for me. I don't want to put spoilers here but the thing with both her mom and dad, as if she couldn't think of anything better. Then after, when it didn't seem to bother her so much because she was too busy making out with Four. Meh. Just kinda ruined it for me.


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