So I've been scarce lately.. mostly due to circumstances beyond my control.  My wife is pursuing her PhD, which means that we're relocating to the State of Virginia shortly, (bout a month and a half or so away now).. and in the process we're starting to organize and look for a place to live.. (already had one place fall through unfortunately).. but we're also taking care of other things beyond the obvious.

For example, my wife is currently in the Hospital after recovering from surgery for some 'womenly issues' that we wanted to have taken care of before we leave the area, and frankly before we lose her decent health insurance.

Surgery was a complete success and she'll come home this afternoon/evening.  But conveniently, no heavy lifting for 6-8 weeks, which leaves me as the errand boy and her as the supervisor in this move.

I HATE moving.
SOOO unfair.

Anyway, so all this real life drama and attention is stealing my attention and time away from not only writing, but my blog updates as well.

It's a necessary evil for us to progress and chase those dreams.  Just upsets the apple cart for a bit.

I'll try to get back into a rhythm shortly, and hopefully we'll find a place to live as well.  Oh the joys of moving.


  1. Good luck with everything! Hope your wife's recovery is thorough and swift.


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