A is for.. ATTACK!!

Well it's here.. the A-Z Blogging marathon. First up, the letter, 'A', which stand for ATTACK.

Not only does this refer to writing, (although what is better than a good attack in a story, from either the attackers or defender's side?), but it also refers to how we should approach the act of writing.

Don't saunter into it..don't attempt to sneak up on it by doing countless other things when you should be focused on writing, don't think about it and spend hours planning and planning and.. then not actually write. Some planning is OK, but at some point you just have to attack the keyboard.

Writing is creation.. and Creation is both liberating and limiting. Once you decide on a story you're freeing that information from the recess of your mind, to be shared with the world.. but you're also limiting the boundaries of what your imagination has created.  You create and then destroy. This is the recipe for creating art.. a fevered attack that creates and destroys at the same time.

It is this duality from which all good ideas spring. Creation and destruction, violently thrown together into a process from which a unique, new entity emerges.

This is the art of Attacking. Attack the creation process.. devour the page before you and leave only the remnants of your creation behind.  Writing is a mentally violent act that requires nothing less than a sustained passionate attack for at least.. oh.. roughly 75,000 words or so.  ;)

Ahh.. you see what happens when you allow me the time and space to let my mind wander?
*sigh* and still 25 more letters to go.

Now.. about my A-Z Challenge Focus... a note of explanation.

My topics this month have been chosen in a round-table manner by myself and my brood, ages 10 years to 14 months, although the youngest really only contributed a couple of ideas.. but they're good one's (drooling and hugging).

So, we begin with the letter 'A', as assigned by myself, to clearly define not only my focus, but my goals for the month.

My Attack Checklist for the Month:

  1. My wife.. it's our 15 year Anniversary in just 3 days, (4/4), and how she puts up with me is still a mystery, but she deserves to be front and center in my list of areas to attack for the month.
  2. My kids.. well not attack them, but be attentive, and fun, and caring, and patient.. attack them with love.
  3. My writing. Slacking off comes second nature to me, but this new found focus of a month of directed blogging brings renewed energy and direction.
  4. My physical goals.. eat good, exercise daily.. the normal physical goals that keep us physically alert and mentally alert.
  5. My work.. not that I need to spend more time at it, but better, more focused time at it. Essentially just 'be there' when I'm working.

Now.. on to the fun news of the day. I participated in the Writers Platform Building Campaign this year, my first attempt. I won the first challenge in both categories, (Popular Vote and Judging), and now just yesterday found out that I once again won the Popular Vote, and took 3rd in the Judging portion. Not bad for my 2nd overall blog-hop, short-fiction, writing contest. three 1st's and a 3rd out of 4 entries. from about 320 participating entries.  

My entries:

Go me. 


  1. Hi Kevin, I love the concept of the art of attacking the creation process. It certainly feels like you have to go forward 'all guns blazing' to get somewhere or at least to get started.

  2. The rabbit shot stopped me in my tracks. LOL

  3. Yes Kevin, I think all of us need to attack life and the things we are involved with in a more focussed way. Great post to start the challenge with!

  4. It always kinda scared me how ferocious some writer could attack the keyboard during NaNo. I swore they would lift their fingers off the keys red and bruising, but they were always fine. Sometimes I'd just watch them XD

  5. Visiting from A-Z... first I have to say that bunnies scare me because that's exactly what I think they're going to do... attach when you least expect it.

    Happy anniversary!

    Since you have these goals I really hope you will enter my Thurs-Sun bloghop. It's called The Get Fit! Spring Cleaning challenge and it's a blog hop for all of us to share and support each other on our goals - whether writing, fitness, mental, emotional, professional, etc. Check it out! :)

  6. Point well made on the need for attacking a blank page. I've a friend who often cites the "paralysis of analysis." I think he--and you--are spot on. Planning is important. But at some point, you've just got to get on with it.

    True in fiction, true in life.

    Thanks for the solid launch post. See ya 'round the A/Z.

    A/American Road

  7. Love your attack bunny! And congratulations on all your wins! Well deserved! Can't wait to see what you and the kids have come up with for tomorrow

  8. that's a great plan of attack! love the pic of the attack bunny

    happy A to Z

  9. Ahhh, well I ATTACKED our taxes this morning, guess that counts. LOL! Good start on the A to Z.

  10. Congrats! That is A for Amazing! I like your plan of action, I mean attack ;D


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