Monday, January 28, 2013

So, breaking back into the routine slowlly..

All I wanna do, is have some pun...

  • What do you call a short fortune teller who escapes from jail?
    • A small medium at large.
  • Australian Local Area Network
    • A LAN down under
  • Good news.. the  man who fell into the upholstery machine is now fully recovered.
  • Democracy: Your vote counts.
  • Feudalism: Your Count votes
  • If you're a poet who writes backwards, do you write inverse?
  • Mahatma Gandhi never wore anything on his feet, and he ate so little that he developed delicate health and bad breath. 
    • The result was a super-callused fragile mystic plagued with halitosis.
  • Did the soldier survive the mustard gas and pepper spray attack?
    • He did, he's now a seasoned veteran.
  • Did you hear about the cartoonist who was attacked in his studio?
    • Police say the details are sketchy.
  • He said my writing was average, but I think he was just being mean.

Wakka Wakka

Monday, January 21, 2013

How Does Christmas suddenly become January 21st?

So.. I took some time off over the Holidays to spend time with my family and sorta relax from writing, and the blog.. and everything.

And when I looked at the Calendar today it was January 21st.

When did this happen?  Where did the first 3 weeks of January go?  Did anyone else notice a time warp, or just me?

Anyway.. so I'm back at the grind, a bit.  I've been really playing around with my Sci-Fi, Distopian idea for a while and I think that's going to be my New Year's project.. once I get my First Chapter's all polished and ready to go for the LDStorymakers First Chapter Contest, that is.

I've got 2 entries for the First Chapter Contest.. and I'm trying to get them cleaned up and sparkly new before sending them off. I've got about 3 weeks, so I think I'm OK on time.. but obviously it seems to slip away from me occasionally, (time that is), so I'm trying to be a bit more proactive this time.

Also had a really interesting idea pop up for a new story.. luckily I wrote it down in pretty good detail, cause I honestly can't remember a thing about it right now.. just know that I really liked it at the time, and I spent a good 20 minutes writing down all the important details so I wouldn't forget them all...

.. like I have.

Anyway, I'll post more about that idea, and I'll give some teasers about my new current project, in a few weeks as things get rolling.

It's almost time to hit the grind stone a bit for the build up to LDStorymakers.. I've registered, got my hotel, and just this past weekend booked my flight, (Thank You Southwest for having a huge sale on plane tickets from Washington DC to SLC!!).. so I'm all set, physically.  Just gotta get my mind right and get my stuff ready to pitch.

Good times.. good times.

Guess what time of year it is.... FIRST DRAFT TIME!!!