So.. time for an update.

Well.. we finally did it. We moved back to the West. We've been here in Bountiful Utah for about 1 month now, and it's all I dreamed it could be.

.. except for the cold and snow flurries that seem to crop up occasionally.  But small price, those, to pay for being back on the left side of the Continent.

Our move was, in typical fashion, insanely complicated by Winter Storm Jonas that dumped about 3 feet of snow on us the day after we got our moving Van delivered. No joke.. we were snowed in until the day we had to fly out.  It was insanely stressful.

Then our flight out was canceled, the car rental company didn't have a car large enough for our family to drive to Washington DC for our replacement flight, and our kids locked all our luggage in our Hotel room in such a manner that we had to break into the room MacGyver style. We actually had to have a specialist come with one of those. Not this guy.. but it was like this.

So all in all.. a pretty typical move.

Our cars, where were supposed to be delivered to Utah a week after we arrived, got here last week.  That's about 5 weeks without either of our vehicles. So we went and bought a new family car.. which we've needed for about ever since we have 5 kids including 2 teenagers now, and we were all smashing into a Ford Explorer. (Read: tight fit w/ no room for groceries or luggage or anything)

So.. we're here, kids are in school.. but it's Spring Break this week, so it's been a fun time.

I've been putting in applications all over the SLC/Provo area looking for some work, but luckily my better half  had a great job awaiting her once she got here, so we're in good shape for now.

I'm taking the extra time now to finish up some smaller projects and get back into writing mode. It's great to be back.. it feels like the sky's the limit!


  1. Welcome to Utah! I work in Sandy and just looked out the window to see hail coming down. *sigh*


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