New Project.. New Direction.. New Energy!!

So.. after spending copious amounts of time looking at happy people who are having the sort of success that I crave, and looking at their wonderful lives full of exotic travel or happy faced photos in exciting places and their beautiful homes full of happy children who never act out, say cross words, or have a wrinkle on their always brand new designer clothes; I've uncovered a fundamental truth.

Pictures lie.

There is no perfect family, no perfect kids, no magic dresser eternally full of pressed designer clothes, and no magic bullet for writing your first 'next big thing'. You just write, today if possible, and then write some more tomorrow, and then eventually you write so much that you either stumble across hidden talent inside of you, or you stumble across something interesting enough that people overlook your lack of talent to read your interesting story.

Bottom line is, however, you just write. Every day.
So.. I'm off, to write. Right now.

I've got a new project that I've been thinking about for 2 years now.. I think I've got it all figured out for the most part.. it's based on a story that I actually used back in 2012 in my first (and only) Writer's Platform-Building Competition.



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