Review: Monster Hunter Nemesis

Monster Hunter Nemesis
Monster Hunter Nemesis by Larry Correia

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So somehow I lucked into a great deal on the Kindle version of Larry Correia's latest Monster Hunter International book.. Nemesis.

I got the book 10 days before it's official release, and got it at 46% off the listed price.. so I essentially got an advanced copy for only about $5.50. Incredible deal, I know.

My thoughts without spoilers. Very fun read.. learning more about Agent Franks was great, he's long been a fan favorite.. not only because of his shrouded past but because of his straight forward approach to everything. Hardest part of Frank's day is deciding which bullet to use when he kills you.

That said.. I have to admit that I kept waiting for the book to sweep me away like previous editions have done.. and it just didn't. I think maybe I've become such a Owen fan.. and I'm so curious about where that character line is going.. (That's one storyline that has some crazy climactic stuff coming at it.. from almost every angle)

I did really enjoy the book.. for my money, Correia writes some of the best action out there right now. His fight scenes are incredible.. and they come at you in rapid succession. I just couldn't really get into the Frank's story as much as I thought I would. Plus.. there seemed to be some character incongruities.. especially one in particular regarding a new greenie agent.. but I'm not going to go into it.

All in all, a very, very fun read.. well worth the money if you're any kind of an action/monster fan.. but it wasn't my favorite out of the Monster Hunter series of books. I guess that just shows how high Larry Correia has set the bar with this series.

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