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Inferno by Dan Brown

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Oh Dan Brown.. you can't keep using the same recipe and good ole' cookie cutter and expect to bake new cookies. Sure, the cookies taste pretty much as good as the other cookies you've shared with the world in the past.. but at some point the 'wow' factor just turns into.. oh look, Dan brought more snicker-doodles to the party.

This book tries SO HARD to be something more.. but the problem is, it's impossible to take the exact same recipe and ingredients and combine them into something new. Milk, Flour, sugar, butter isn't going to suddenly morph into Duck a l'orange.. no matter how much effort you put into baking it.

Once again, Dan Brown goes above and beyond in setting, giving us details that are beyond any tour guide's dreams.. but no matter how pretty the wrapping, at the end it's still just snicker-doodles in a pretty box with an intricately described bow.

Yes I bought the book.. hoping to be whisked back to 'Angles and Demons' type enjoyment, but I found myself instead reading with a growing dread as I knew exactly what was coming.. and I wasn't disappointed.. or more correctly, I actually was.

Robert Langdon has to be the worlds luckiest guy.. not only is he a hunky 50 something Harvard professor, but he has the uncanny luck to always share life-or-death adventures with amazingly brilliant and beautiful women who all fall madly in like with his intelligence and earnest do-goodedness. He has transformed from an anti-hero I admired to the grown up version of that one kid in school who was the teachers pet and narked on everybody who tried to do even the tiniest little bit of mischief.

For all the 'international best seller' hype.. this is probably the last Dan Brown book I'll buy.. next book I'll just use a name generator, scratch out the printed names and insert the new names.. and reread the old story and.. voilĂ .. I get the 'new' story without spending $16.00 to be disappointed.

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  1. I loved the first two Dan Brown books, but not enough to read any more. I'd probably have to leave at least a year in between before reading any more, brilliant as they are.
    There's a little award for you over at my blog. I hope you like it. :-)
    Just Ermie


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