LDStorymakers Blues..

After last year I was looking forward to attending LDStorymakers with a full manuscript in tow.. pitching to an agent or two.. and just overall soaking in the writing atmosphere.  Instead I'll be here at home instead as my plans hit a snag about a month ago...

I'm super bummed, but as it often does.. life has demands that don't always mesh with our desires.

I've been in a bit of a writing slump lately as well.. so it seems I could have used the recharge to my writing batteries, but I'll have to overcome this drudgery on my own it seems.

I still feel like I have good ideas, and that I have at the very least a modicum of writing ability so as to make the story readable on a certain level.. I just need to get off my butt.

I've spent too long waiting to be inspired.. I need to just flip the bird at the empty chair next to me that is sometimes occupied by my internal muse, and just put my fingers on the keys and move them up and down until something resembling a story stumbles across my screen.

I'm also hopeful that some of my Storymaker friends will throw me a bone and post some highlights.
(hint.. hint)