My first writing retreat..

I've read about some of my writing friends going for a long weekend with other authors to a remote area where they do nothing but write for a weekend.. but seeing as how I'm sort of living in a new area where I know nobody, I decided to check into doing a solo writing retreat.

There are some lovely bed and breakfast type writing retreats in Virginia, incredible in fact.. historic areas, in incredibly beautiful, restored period Mansion type homes.. with lush forest and woodlands nearby, it's breathtaking.. but it's also wallet-draining.  Given that we're near Masanutten Virginia, there is a resort there with dozens of homes for rent specifically as a writing retreat. They boast Hot Tubs, and Incredible Walking Paths, and Hi-speed internet.. but that's the problem.. I don't need any of those things.  All they do is suck time away from writing.  I do enough of that at home.

The Crimson Inn, $45.00 a night!!
So.. I did some checking and found the perfect spot for me.  An older Hotel in a small town just 6.5 miles from my house.  I'm far enough away that I'm isolated, but close enough that I can be home in 10 minutes in an emergency.  The Hotel has no internet, and a TV in a Armoire that I can zip-tie shut for the weekend.  It has a kitchenette, so I can bring some food and never even leave the room.

Plus, it has an actual table with foldable wings so I can make is big enough for my computer, notes, and drinks.. not some desk mounted to the wall with a giant mirror right over it so I'm staring into my own dead, lifeless eyes when I get stuck for just the perfect way to describe that difficult scene.. I can move the table around the kitchen area, sit facing one way, then another.. till I find the perfect writing zone.

The Hotel isn't fancy.. but it's perfect for what I need. The price is ultra-cheap, (I'm taking a 3-day weekend for under $150, including food), the distractions are minimal, it's all enclosed with food, lodging, and work area, and best of all.. I'll be alone with just my computer, no internet, no games, and nothing to do for 64 straight hours but sleep and write.

My only requirement is to have a workable outline and character list created before I go, and I'm in the process of finishing that now.  Well.. not RIGHT now.. but now-ish.

I'm really looking forward to my personal retreat.. My goal is 45k words.  Aggressive, sure.. but if you're gonna dream, dream big.  :)


  1. Wow, good for you! Good luck with it. I hope you meet... no, I hope you surpass... your goal. Happy weekend!

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