My Bags Are Already Packed...

And.. registration for the 2013 LDStorymakers is done.  :)

I'll fly in on Wednesday, be in in the Boot Camp on Thursday and the 2 day conference on Friday and Saturday, and fly back out home on Sunday. Without a doubt the longest I'll have been away from my kids since my first job as a Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Valley County, Idaho. (I lived in Cascade Idaho during the week, went home on weekends to Boise for just under a year.)

Now to put it on my calendar and check off the days of my countdown.

Go me!!


  1. Yaaaaay... I'm looking at the site right now. It looks like a fab conference--deciding what to do/how much!

  2. Yay! We'll see you there! (Again!)

    Tell Morgan, she has to come.


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