Darn Gray Mafia... (Anagram Friday)

And.. it's back.  Anagram Friday.  The only day of the week when it's OK to both Sleep In and Pen Lies. (anagrams)

So.. this week, instead of book titles, I thought we'd shake things up and have some fun with some of my Blogger friends.. since it's their success that puts the burr under my saddle.

So, without further ado..

I have to admit.. that sorta sounds cool. There were  may sorta fun one's to pick from David's list.. "Paved Word Skiing" seemed apropos.. and I almost went with "Dread Pigskin Vow", but come on.. Dark Void Spewing is just seriously awesome.  It makes me hesitant to try my own, simply because it will never be that dark and scary.. David's a Dark Void.. and my own will probably be "Rainbow Sprouting Flowers."  Not nearly manly enough...

Morgan, I just have to tell you, your anagrams were hilarious.. HILARIOUS.  Lots of Angry Gramma's and other funny, less appropriate words that will remain nameless.  However, I thought that, given your status as Mommy to a bunch of rugrat aged children.. the "Ha, Mom's Angry!" exclamation would fit best.

Of all the anagrams for this week, Mars Orchid is probably the coolest one for the title of a Book.. not that Chad needs it given his book releasing in mere months.  I thought about doing "Future Bestselling Author", but I couldn't get the "L's" to work.

Sorry Shelly.. your name just doesn't have enough letters for something great, like David's.. Not sure if you're actually shy or not.. my guess is not really, but I did pick that over "By Hell Sworn".. I didn't think anyone as nice as you are could be Hell Sworn.

And now, because what's good for the goose and all that..
  • Kevin Hiatt
    • becomes...
      • Haven Kitti
See.. I told ya. I stinking told ya.. I knew it would be something like that.  David's a Dark Void and I'm a stupid, obviously illiterate, baby cat.


  1. Ah-hahahahaha!!!!!!

    Kevin, I can't even tell you how HARD I am laughing right now... I love it. This is TOO COOL... and I'm aware of some words my name could turn into, LOL... er... good choice...

    And crap! You gave Alex new nicknames to torture us with! Grrrr... ;-)

  2. *Side's are splitting*

    Dude, that was awesome! And thanks for the anagram! A spewing Dark Void ... can't be closer to the truth. Who decided today was going to be "post something funny today" day? :)

  3. We all need some burr under our saddles sometimes!

    I'm not very shy but Hell Sworn is pretty funny ;)

    This is a great idea. Sorry it took me so long to comment. I saw it yesterday but I was on my phone while we were moving. Chad still has yet to open a computer.


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