Rad Angry Mafia.. (Anagram Friday)

So this week, in honor of November being National Novel Writing Month, (NaNoWriMo), I thought we could have some fun with the titles of books that actually first started out as NaNoWriMo projects.

Luckily.. Mental Floss writing blog was kind enough to put together a list of 11 now published novels that all started out as NaNoWriMo stories that eventually.. worked out.

The first is Erin Morgenstern's 'The Night Circus. I haven't read this, but actually heard very good things about.. so it's on my 'to read' list, once I find time from my own NaNoWriMo projects of course.

Just what every female author needs, to keep your hair out of the ink well, or keep your hair out of your face as you're riding your pony around Canterwood Estates.. oh look at what our next book is....

Next is Jessica Burkhart's 'Take the reins.. the first in a popular preteen series, Canterwood Crest.

Actually quite apropos for a preteen series focused on girls.. these books are popular because of their heat, their risk, and the teen girls that populate them.  Maybe I need to anagram up 'Popular Boy Wizards Not Named Harry' for the title of my future breakout story.  :)

Finally, the last book title comes from Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and her story of a teenager who suffers from an alter ego that just might be a Vampire that is thousands of year old.  The book is...
OK.. now seriously, how much more spooky does it get than that? Book about someone who has an alter ego that might be a very, very old Vampire.. and the anagram is of frequent creepy memories?

I think this Anagram thing might actually be onto something..