Farmyard Again (Anagram Friday)

So.. we've reached the end of yet another week.  It's time to have a little fun. This week will be a short one because I'm trying to get my NaNo numbers up closer to where they're supposed to be.

So.. for this week, a quick lesson in love.  We're going to have some fun with Romance Novels.

Our list this week is from none other than my wife's favorite author.. Jane Austin.  I swear, every Sunday in our house is Pride and Prejudice day.. but lately she's taken to watching North and South (not the Civil War movie but something that smells a lot like Pride and Prejudice) on Netflix or Amazon Video.

So.. in honor of her undying love of all things English and Poofy.. our Anagram's for the week.

  • Pride and Prejudice
    • becomes...
      •  Drip Acid Under Jeep
I think this works because, to most men, having to watch Pride and Prejudice, time after time after time after time would be akin to being stuck under an acid dripping Jeep.

  • Sense and Sensibility
    • becomes... 
      • As Beds Ninety Sins Lie
90 sins and a bed.. OK.. I'm not really gonna touch this one, so.. umm.. moving on.

  • Mansfield Park
    • becomes...
      • Impaled Franks
The great think about this one.. is that without any question, any red blooded male would much rather be camping somewhere, holding some Impaled Franks over a fire than being forced to read or watch, (if such a horror has ever been put on cellophane), this monstrosity of estrogen and salty tears.

  • Northanger Abbey
    • becomes...
      • Enrage Rant Hobby
Honestly, I had to pick this one, because.. while there were dozens to choose from, most were surprisingly inappropriate for a family style blog like this.  Huh.. and with romance novels. Go figure.  ;)


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