A Fairy Grandma... (Anagram Friday)

So.. this week we've reordered things a little here in Graphophobia.. things seem to make more sense if we put the fun post at the end of the week.. that's when most of us are fried anyway.  Plus the kick posts make more sense on Monday.. instead of a look back, it can serve to inspire for the upcoming week.

So that's why things changed a little here.. but enough of the dry stuff, lets get to microwaving book titles.

This week, with a hat-tip to Frankenstorm that hit the East Coast this week and knocked out power, and just generally caused some pretty bad stuff, we'll look at Book Titles that pertain to storms.

OK.. a bit of a stretch, but Clancy's early work was fairly grim in it's portrayal of forces working against the USA and how our super secret soldiers dealt with it.. and you had to sort of be a Techno-nerd to understand all of the Military armament.  Meh.. like I said, a stetch. But still a fun book for my 22 yo self.

Actually this is very relevant if you've read the series because of the Horn of Valere that calls Heroes that are linked to it, the Heroes of the Horn.  These Heroes are reborn throughout the ages at the call of the horn.  It is believed to be a major plot element in the final book.

Not too bad, if you've read any of the books you know that one of the central themes is Ice, Cold, Snow.. so Frost could refer to Jon Snow, or it could also refer to the White Walkers.. or.. man, I need to go reread the books because just talking about the White Walkers is making me wanna relive it.  Come on HBO.. GET THE 3RD SEASON OUT ALREADY!!

Not sure if you can forment Cherries to make Stout.. you can ferment them.. but just warming them probably wouldn't create it, but you can certainly warm Cherry Stout and read a Stephen King book.. might make the ending more palatable, but that's my own criticism.  Stephen King is the master of the first 3/4ths of a book.. he just needs help with some of his endings.

Maybe some formented cherry stout would help.