Review: Monster Hunter Legion

Monster Hunter Legion
Monster Hunter Legion by Larry Correia

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like All MHI books, the action is outstanding, great pacing, and non stop. One thing I like about Larry Correia's books also, however, is that while his characters are a little stereotypical, they're not wooden.

It can be hard to write a sympathetic action character who.. or a hot former stripper and make her actually have a personality beyond simply adjective laden descriptions.. but Correia pulls it off amazingly well. His characters have surprising depth and they always ring true to themselves.

True, you'll never finish one of his books and suddenly feel the urge to turn your life around and dedicate yourself to altruistic endeavors.. but you will enjoy the time you spend reading it, and isn't that why you should be reading in the first place?

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