Damage A Nerdy Swan*... (Anagram Wednesday)

So, another week has come and gone and here we are at Anagram Wednesday. This week, I thought we'd take a run at some Classic Fantasy Books because.. hey, they're there. 

Well, ok this Swan is a little nerdy,
I mean, look at that neck.
(*And yes, the title of this post is indeed an anagram for "Anagram Wednesday".. I actually find swans anything but nerdy.)

So, to start off with.. lets decide on some Classic Fantasy books.  Obviously we're going to include "The Lord of the Rings" and "A Song of Ice and Fire" but after those,...?

I think that 'classic' can include some more contemporary stories as well, for example I think Harry Potter is a classic, but we just did Poor Harry last week.. so to change things up we'll throw in a couple more.  

I'm thinking..  "The Wheel of Time", "Name of the Wind", and "The Way of Kings".

So.. without further ado.. lets mangle some Classic Literature.

  • The Lord Of The Rings
    • Becomes... OK.. this one is just tremendous. There are so many great one's to pick, but the best has to be..
      • Shortened For Light
I mean.. come on.. Hobbits, fighting against the Evil Sauron.. spooky how that is.

Not bad.. there is definitely defiance, and while there is lots and lots of sin.. at the end a sin is foregone that could have saved a prominent character.  Not bad at all...

Again.. not bad. It does reuse "time", but it aptly fits the book.

OK, this one is just spooky. I won't give spoilers, but Kvothe is trying to Defeat 'them'.. and he owns an Inn and retells the story in that Inn.. and he doesn't know How to defeat them.. I like this one.. I like this one a lot.  Plus, it's just such a tremendous book, probably my favorite on this list.

Not too sure about this one.. there's lots of fighting so naturally there's lots of noise.. but not much Gawking. Pretty sure a person who Gawks would die. Course.. the magic used during the fights does create Gawking.. so .. 

.. tis but a flesh wound.
meh, we'll call it a draw.

The final thought for today... When they ship styrofoam, what do they pack it in?


  1. LOL! Sooooo clever, Kevin. I love your blog. In fact, I'm going to go add it to my sidebar. You're always so entertaining! :D

    1. Thanks Morgan, and for the list of honor on your blog. :)


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