A Weeny Sad Grandma* (Anagram Wednesday)

*Sigh*.. it's Wednesday.. again   That day when you've already been in this week long enough, and yet you've still got an equal amount of time ahead of you.. (feel free to softly bang your head against your desk now.)

So, in the spirit of loosening up that tie, untucking those shirt tails, and allowing yourself to breathe a little more easily.. I present.. ANAGRAM WEDNESDAY!! We're going to take the titles of some of my, (or yours if you give some suggestions), favorite books, and smash them all around in the Anagram Machine.. and see what we come  up with.

I actually adore Grandmotherly peoples...
(*And yes, the title of this post is indeed an anagram for "Anagram Wednesday".. I do not have a problem with Grandmothers in general.)

SO.. for our inaugural Anagram Wednesday, I'm choosing books that either inspired me, or that I've read recently.. or that I just love reading.

We start off with one of the most influential books of modern times.. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone:  A little magic, and it becomes...

  • A Cad Teepees Northern Horror Trysts 
Not bad actually.. There are a few Cads in the story, and definitely some Northern Horror Trysts.  Well done Mrs. Rowling. Well done indeed.

What about a more local flavor?  (Or past local at least).. Utah author Brandon Mull's uber successful Fablehaven becomes.. 
  • Behave Flan
Again.. not bad.  If you have some Flan, then it should behave.. although I think in the story itself, any Flan that would have presented itself would have ended up gobbled by the silly satrys.

Next is a piece of fictional junk food.. Larry Correia's Monster Hunter International.. it is unabashedly pulp fiction, and some of the best out there. It's not going to teach you how to be a better person.. but it *might* teach you how to save the World from otherwordly Old One's.. and it will absolutely entertain you in the process. But even MHI can't stand against the Anagram Machine as it becomes...
  • An Ethereal Moron In Runt Tints
I think Larry would get a kick out of the idea of his book being a double for an Ethereal Moron. 

And now one last one, chosen at random, from my bookshelf..  a childhood classic, and probably the first book that ever made me cry from just the story.. and in fact one of the first books that ever made me think about telling my own stories, Wilson Rawls classic, "Where the Red Fern Grows", becomes... 
  • Refreshed Renew Growth
Wow.. ironic that such a beautiful story of childhood love and devotion would conjure words of hope.  

And with that.. I've found my fitting ending.