Juices flowing

So things are starting to normalize a bit here in Virginia, and as a result I find myself returning to my old self, pre-move.. where I don't have to spend every other minute obsessing over what to pack, and financial concerns, and all of those other things that seem to creep up and steal your writing mojo...

As a result, I've found that in my time driving those 2400 miles, my mind was wandering around my ideas quite a bit.. and I've happened upon two nearly fully formed story-lines.

One is a dystopian sort of technology run amok thing.. and the other is a more natural history/fantasy series.

I really sorta like both.. (obviously or I wouldn't have thought them through that far), but I'm stuck as to which to undertake as a writing project first at this point.

I've been working on the History/Fantasy thing the longest.. it's got parts of stuff I did years ago.  But I'm really sort of into the dystopian story right now, and it seems like Dystopian is the 'hot topic' these days when it comes to popular stories.. so I keep wavering back and forth.

Anyway.. sorta nice to finally be settled enough to get back into the writing frame of mind.


  1. Glad things are starting to normalize, Kevin!

    And you've got to work on what's itching you to write more... although agents/editors are verrrry wary of dystopian right now... but there's a place for anything that's new and original and fabulous, of course. I like the sound of your natural history/fantasy!

    1. Thanks. Just finished unpacking and cleaning out my office today.. it's nice to be able to actually reach my keyboard and sit down at my chair without fearing an avalanche of papers, posters, and books. :) Course.. while we've been here I've finished off 2 new books, but you can't compare reading time with unpacking time.... can you?

    2. Reading time is much more important! ;)

  2. If you're into the dystopian right now, then work on it first--but DO NOT do it because it's the "hot" thing right now. Chances are, by the time it's done, the publishers will have moved on to some other genre.

    It's good to hear you're writing again. Good luck!


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