In Like Flynn..

Got a late email that a spot had opened up for both days of the LDStorymakers Writers Conference this weekend.. got in late, but I got in!

So happy this fell into my lap.. I need the recharge, and am really looking forward to hearing from some truly talented writers about how to make my stories better.

.. and my funk is magically lifted just like that.

Doing the Happy Dance!!


  1. Congrats, Kevin. I hope you have a great time.

  2. Well, for heaven's sake, I wish you'd cheer up! Seriously, congrats. I hope you have a super time.

  3. Take notes for us??? Pleeeease???

    And earlier I read your post just below. We have a 16 month old also and I can't imagine starting the sleep deprivation AGAIN!!!!! Gosh, I hope he gets sorted out soon! And I SO hope the conference is fantastic. And you're MOVING??? *gasp* You can't leave our fabulous state! You'll become one of those east coasters with the lush green landscape and the humid air... sounds horrid, LOL. ;)

  4. It was great to meet you. What am I saying? - It was incredibly AWESOME to meet you! Glad I had the chance before you made the big move. Best of luck with your endeavors. :)


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