F is for... Fake

I've got a secret.

I'm a fake... a fraud... a phony.  I'm about as legit as a $3 bill.  I'm pretending to be a writer, but the truth is.. I have no idea what I'm doing.

I play along, I read books on writing, I spend my time daydreaming of story ideas and then I write them down and do little outlines, I even attend some writing conferences.. but it's only to keep up appearances. I've been faking it for around 3 years now, and I've even won a few writing competitions.

It all lends credibility to my charade.  I'm really starting to get the hang of it.

Just do me a favor.. keep this under your hat. Last thing I need is for my wife to find out that all that time I spend plunking away on my computer is just me pretending I'm something I'm not.



  1. Know that feeling.

    Also? Hate that feeling.

  2. Pfffffft. You are TOO funny. :) If you're faking it, then the rest of us don't have a prayer! ;)

  3. F for Fake was also the title of Orson Welles' last film, so in a way, you're in good company. Don't sweat it. No one is really what they're advertised to be. Everyone, even the most obviously successful people, has their detractors. Stephen King can't get love from the mainstream literary press. Doesn't mean he can't write great literature.

  4. Hahaha every writer struggles with writing. So I guess that makes you a real writer. :-D

  5. I really appreciate the thoughts...I spent most of my professional career feeling the same way. Now I get to repeat it for my writing...great... ;-)


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