B is for... BIC-HOK-TAM

So if you're a writer, aspiring writer, novice writer, or just happen to jot down a word or two occasionally with unfulfilled dreams of someone reading what you write who isn't related by blood.. (looking in the mirror on some of those).. chances are you've heard of the term BICHOK.. or the other variation, BICHOK-TAM

The term literally means: 

  • Butt
  • In
  • Chair
  • Hands
  • On 
  • Keyboard
  • Typing
  • Away
  • Madly
There is no truth to the rumor that it refers to the writer's frustrated creation of a new swear word.. or that it's the sound of a psychosomatic induced sneezing from Writers-Blockitis. 

It means just like it sounds.. get your butt in the chair, put your hands on the keyboard, and DO SOMETHING.

The old adage is that if you give enough monkeys enough time plunking away on a typewriter.. eventually you'll reproduce the entire repertoire of Shakespeare.  I don't know if that's true or not, but it seems probable that they'd at least stumble across something pretty close to some of the crap that gets published these days.

But.. here's the kicker to that scenario: The monkeys have to actually be plunking away on a keyboard before they can reproduce any of old Will's plays.

So, if a Monkey can do it.. then we should be able to do something similar, afterall.. scientists tell us we share 93% of the same genetic makeup as our simian friends.. 

.. and I don't know about you guys, but I'd be happy sharing 93% of their level of writing success if they're reproducing Shakespeare. 

Hell, I like those odds.


  1. Good words of wisdom - we all find excuses or reasons why we haven't had done it yet.

  2. LOL. Love the post. If you want to be a writer the only for it is to write.

  3. Hey Kevin I just Analyzed my writing style on your widget below. I write like H.P. Lovecroft,(a bit old school, but I can live with that, same genre though,which is good). What I want to know is why do you write like a girl and I write like a guy?


  4. I have never heard of that, but now I really want that t-shirt.

  5. I need a closet full of those shirts to remind myself what I'm supposed to be doing.
    Greetings from a fellow A to Z'er!

  6. OIC...

    Bring it... to the challenge "B" is for Brilliant!
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    A to Z Co-Host
    IZOMBIE: Visit the Madness

  7. Ha! I should put the picture of that monkey in my writing space. I like that: If a monkey can do it....

    Welcome to the Challenge, Kevin!


  8. Ahahaha! Funny and very enjoyable. I so get it since I'm a writer, too. ;)


    A to Z co-host

  9. A fun post. Sometimes I only manage to accomplish two out of the three, but perhaps if we change TAM to just TA, then I think I'm there!

  10. Oh no, another shirt I just HAVE to have....great post!


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