Who am I?

Do you need a jolt of energy for the day that caffeine can't provide?

THIS was for a Freshman City Championship game.  Does it seem a bit over the top?
I doesn't to me.
The level of competition doesn't matter.. it's not about the external factors you face, but the internal struggles you overcome.  Doubt, fear, insecurity... they're not real.  We create them to give us an excuse for not finishing what we start.
Trying consists of much more than starting. I've started things dozens of times that I've never finished, but true courage is more than trying. Anyone can try, anyone can start something...
We aren't measured by the things we start, but the things we finish.


  1. Ohhhh... if this isn't inspiring?

    Really great post, Kevin. Thanks so much for sharing. Really makes you think, you know? And makes me want to get to work. ;)

  2. Love this quote! I'm going to think of this when I feel like giving up. Great post!

  3. A pessimist can find imperfection in perfection too, and a realist knows the truth...this quote never works from me.


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