(Drum Roll Please) And The Winners Are..

No.. Not This Guy.
The winners are in for the Kevin Hiatt 100 followers Extravaganza give-away.

We used a fool-proof, double blind means of choosing the winners, (I numbered the entries from 1-12 and had my three youngest, (speaking) children choose a random number, but I gave no indication of what the numbers represented.)

I figured this was more inventive than just pulling numbers out of a hat.

And after much thinking and "ummmmm"ing.. and one case of choosing the same number.. the winners were chosen.

And they are...
Thanks to everyone who entered.. and for everyone who's following my blog.  Stay tuned.. because if things really take off like I've been told will happen with the A-Z Blog Month.. I'll be having another Extravaganze Give Away when I hit 200 followers soon.

To the winners.. first off, CONGRATULATIONS!!  I'll be contacting you via either your blog, or your email if you left it.  Or, you can shoot me off an email at kbh@kevinhiatt.com if you'd like.  Once I have your preferred mailing address, (or email address for the gift card), I'll get them sent off to you.

Thanks again everyone.  Lets do this again real soon.  


  1. Aloha Kevin,

    Congrats to the winners - I follow all of them - and thanks for following me - I follow you now, too.

    (Wow... three follows in one sentence... I can't follow that...:)

  2. woowoot!

    mark is such a follower, ha!

    thanks, kevin! may you grow and prosper in followers and writing!

  3. Congratulations to the winners - I know all three!

  4. Kevvvvvvvin... I'm SO STOKED!!!!! I've never won anything before... For reals! (unless you count those fake lottery winner things where apparently I've won $15,000 or a "vacation" in a seedy motel, lol) I'm verrrrry excited! ;)

    1. Just wanted you to know I did a mini shout out/ thank you to you on my blog today. Hope the inspiration is flowing :D

  5. Yes! I got your email and collected my gift and had to come here to say more than just Thank you. Also, congratulations on taking 1st place in both popular choice and the judging category for your campaign entry. Awesome!

  6. This is amazing, Kevin. I was just over at Morgan's blog and just noticed you were having this giveaway (been busy, or I would have seen it sooner). I'd like to say that you're on an excellent track for having just started out. Seriously. You've done in two months what took me two years. So congratulations to your awesomeness! :)


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