What Are Your Excuses?

LTUE ended yesterday, but one of the classes that I went to during the conference was a panel on achieving your goals, and it dealt with excuses people use.. from fear of failure to fear of people not liking what you write.. it reminded me of this tremendous video I watched a couple of years ago, a Nike commercial.

I know I've used many excuses for not writing in the past.  This video may be about working out.. but I think it's extremely relevant to writing, or really any goal that we set for ourselves and then procrastinate.

  1. I've got too much work
  2. The kids are too loud (with 5 of them 10 and under there's some validity to that at times)
  3. I'm too tired
  4. I'm not inspired today
  5. I'm going to spend today 'outlining'
  6. I'm going to start up fresh on Monday and hit the week running
  7. It's too early to write
  8. It's too late to write
  9. I don't know what to write
  10. I've got too much thumping around in my head
  11. I need to figure out the specifics of this character before I start writing
  12. I don't like what I wrote yesterday so I'm going to abandon this project and think of a new one
  13. I need to research this small obscure detail right now, during my 1st draft writing
  14. I'm afraid people won't like what I write, (LOVE this one.. because it's always true, there's always room for improvement on a first draft, or even 10th draft.
  15. Why pretend, I'm a fraud, pretending to be a writer.. (This one has been w/ me from the beginning.)

So dear visitors.. what are your excuses?


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    1. Life, The Universe, & Everything.

      Writing conference held in Utah where there seem to be a plethora of successful writers in a small geographical footprint.

  2. *When the end of the day arrives and I have written little if anything at all, it's because I prioritize other things ahead of writing. Sadly, I feel 'guilty' sometimes for sitting down to write when there are so many other tasks to take of around the house.

  3. I think I've used every single one of these excuses at one time or another.

  4. What about "I'm just going to check a few blogs first..." Yeah. That's mine.

    Welcome to the campaign!

  5. Man... isn't this the truth??? Wish I was at LTUE... gosh, it was only a hop, skip, and a jump away ;) Thanks for this though---I needed it. :D


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