Nearing 100 Followers.. Lets Give Stuff Away!!

I still have a bit of a hard time believing that anyone would want to, or be interested in reading my ramblings.. but to say "thanks" for listening, I'll be doing a small contest to give away a $20.00 gift card.. that can get you 1 new hardback book, (quaint aren't they?), or if you are a Kindle fanatic, a number of ebooks.

Once I officially top 100 I'll simply do a 'Thank You' post.  All you need to do to enter to win the gift card is post on that thread, and be a blog follower of course.. doesn't matter if wanna give congratulations or simply say "Gimmee.. Gimmee!!"

The big winner will be chosen at random, but I'll also throw in a secondary gift or two as well,  just cause that's how I roll. 

So, keep an eye out for the party, and make sure you get your name in the hat once it's here!

Thanks everyone.. this has been much funner and educational than I ever imagined it would be!  You guys make it great.


  1. Awwwwesome. I'll be stalking your blog 'til that big 100 hits ;)

  2. That is super great! I did a giveaway when I hit 100 too. You've got two more followers to go! Yipee! Like Morgan, I'll be stalking your blog too. Creepy, I know. haha

  3. Hey! I thought... wouldn't be fun to write to one of my prolific Facebook friends and ask them to stage a gigantic "Let's all de-friend Kevin Hiatt collectively just until the weekend to see if he starts climbing the walls", but then I heard you aren't really keen on climbing.
    Congratulations are in order, though. ;D

  4. Great giveaway. Congrats on the followers. You're real close to 100. :)

  5. Sweet! I got you to 99 :) Thank you so much for coming by to visit my blog and for following. I think you'll top your 100 goal quickly!

  6. Ooooh, I want my name in the hat! :) And from what I can tell thus far, it's not hard to believe (at all!) people would want to hang out on your blog.


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