LTUE Update

Today is the first day of Life, The Universe, and Everything at UVU.. and this morning started out a little rough for some of us.. after signing in and getting my stuff I went off to my first presentation, only to find the room was full to capacity.. same for the next class in that room as well.. so I ended up watching an all female authors presentation on Marketing and then a presentation on Editors.

Both were good and informative.. (took some good notes in both).. but still disappointed that I wasn't able to attend the course entitled "What a new author goes through getting that first book published."

Not that editors and marketing aren't important.. but come on LTUE, there are way more of us trying to get into the club than there are members of the club worrying about getting good reviews on  Next time.. put the more general presentation in the Big room.. Mmmm-Kayyeee?

With that housekeeping out of the way.. great turnout for LTUE, I guess at least since this is my first time, but I've attended writing conferences in the past, (most recently Conduit), and this one is much more well attended.. and the writing guests are more prestigious, to be honest.

I'll be sticking around until 7pm tonight, looking forward to the Larry Correia presentation on Writing Action since I've read all of his MHI series books.  Which is somewhat funny because gun books usually aren't my genre, but I really get swept up in his books, in large part because of his action, both writing and pacing.. so very much looking forward to tonight.


  1. Ohhhh... so jealous you're there! (Man, I'm a fab Utahan myself, so it's just a hop, skip, and a jump away) I'm totally a conference junkie. Take some good notes for the rest of us ;)


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