LTUE Observations Day 1

I've got my fedora and trenchcoat,
where's my book advance?
  1. WOW!  I have never seen so many people wearing fedora's outside of a 1920's gangster movie in my life. Men, women, felt, straw, leather.. and usually accompanied with a feather in the band and either a Trench Coach or Duster.  Is there some cool wannabe writer clothing store where everybody shops that I'm oblivious to? 
  2. Could the parking lot possibly be any further from the Sorensen Center where the event is taking place? I am pretty sure I changed time zones on my walk up this morning, because I arrived at 8:35am, and by the time I walked up the hill and registered, I was locked out of the 2 sessions I wanted to attend this AM.
  3. Very cool seeing all these very different authors, from romance to paranormal romance to fantasy to horror to Middle Grade to Adult.. there was honestly something for everyone today, even if you weren't there 2 hours early to save your seat.  (Yes, I'm still somewhat disappointed over getting locked out of the two AM sessions I wanted to attend)
  4. For all 3 days, considering all the successful authors and editors who allow us to pick their brains, the preregistration fee was a pittance.
  5. Must charge laptop tonight!  The lack of outlets for those of us who are computer dependent was disheartening. Good thing I dusted off my pencil from 1989 before leaving home and rounded up some napkins to write on or else all that knowledge would've just slid out of my brain as I waited in traffic to get home.
  6. Tomorrow's schedule is a little light in the middle, so I might actually make it a 2-fer and go in the morning, and then back again around 4pm. Saturday's schedule, if it's accurate online, is chock full of great stuff.  My only problem, how to split myself because I really want to attend simultaneous presentations tomorrow,  "You've written your book--now what?" & "Writing query letters" (both at 6pm). Anybody perfected a cloning machine recently?