So, how big of a writing geek are you?

So you've got the writing bug.. you've even recently, (or not so recently), started a writing blog. You've spent oodles of time obsessing on your idea(s), you've written an outline, maybe you've started, and stopped, a few times at writing the Great American (Fill in the Genre) Novel.

Possibly you've moved past that and actually finished a draft, or two, or eight. Maybe you've attended some writing conferences, maybe you religiously read blogs of your favorite authors. Maybe you have a podcast that you use as your own secret repository of knowledge, (such as Maybe you have a 'favorites' folder on your browser specifically for writing that contains no fewer than 50 links.

But have you dissected a novel you've enjoyed?  Have you broken it down beyond chapter by chapter and character by character? Have you looked at the writing patterns of your favorite authors? Have you developed  a check list of character introductions based off of the pattern of no fewer than 5 of your favorite, successful, authors? Have you watched writing lectures on Youtube?  Have you favorited them for easier viewing? Have you outlined a book or series of books, not to copy, or even borrow, but lean on the styles of other authors that have come before you?

Now, to the truly geeky, have you highlighted and marked up your favorite writing books, (Such as Stephen King's 'On Writing') and lifted quotes from those books, and from interviews from your favorite authors, and created a wall of encouragement that you use to motivate and inspire you when you sit down at your computer to write?  Is the homepage of your browser somehow connected to writing?

I can claim some of the above, not all thank goodness.. but I have seen all of the above in one form or another over the past couple of years since my nice writing desire went from a hobby to an obsession.  Most notably for me, I do have an 'inspiration' wall with quotes from a number of different authors that I find personally motivating.  
Not all of the quotes are from well known authors, a couple aren't even in the genre that I normally read.. but they all speak to me personally. Not that the quotes are addressed to me, but they might as well be. 

They tell me that while yes, I am a writing geek, that I am not alone.  :)

So, if you actually made it through all of that to this final sentence, just how big of a writing geek are you?


  1. Me? Huge. Although I haven't marked up any writing books. I do spend about a five of my living hours writing or editing, though. Does that count?

    I gave you a Shout-Out on my blog today! :)


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