So a guy walks into a bar...

You know how it's never easy to start writing something? So I figure the easiest way to write something is to pretend that it's not a starting at all but instead the middle of a very comfortable, familiar conversation.. soo.....

Guy walks into a bar and says.. "Ouch."

There, obviously we're already comfortable because there's no way I'd tell such an incredibly lame joke without being comfortable enough to endure the inescapable eye rolls that would naturally accompany it.

I'll get a little more detailed at a later date, but for now, suffice to say that this is my blog, it's somewhat personal, somewhat professional, somewhat an escape from the daily and somewhat an experiment in social conversation with adults.. something that I don't seem to get much of a chance to practice.

Now, I must leave as my 4 year old son just informed me that he is making me a birthday cake out of lego's.. so I must go fetch the play dough frosting so we can cut the cake into enough portions for all to enjoy.

**Random Thought of the Day**
When a hot pocket cools.. does it just become a pocket?.