We're in the process of packing our house, 2800 square feet, and the downstairs, (about 1200 sq feet) is nearly entire packed and empty.  Beds, couches, storage.. all in the garage or stacked to be moved to the garage.

We've found our new home for the next 3-4 years finally.. and man did we luck into a great situation. After flying out to look at potential rentals.. and having no luck, we were getting antsy.. less than a month until we had to be out of this house and no place to go.

So we got a lead and took a chance on a home that was listed 'for sale by owner' that is essentially 5 minutes off campus, and found a receptive owner who agreed to rent to us for the next few years.  We're surrounded by faculty.. (which fits since my wife will be teaching from the get-go it seems).. and we've got plenty of free space for the kids to run wild, and it's at a rate that hopefully we can afford.

I hate moving.. it's one of my most unfavorite things to do.. but once it's done it will be worth it.. it allows my better half to pursue her goal of a PhD.. so I guess my momentary discomfort is a small price to pay.

Utah has been very good to us, and the writing community here has been a tremendous advantage for me. I'm very sad to leave such a resource rich environment.. but I've told my wife to forego any Christmas or Birthday presents from now on and just get me tickets to the 2 Provo writing Conferences.. (LTUE and LDStorymakers).. so as long as I can fly in, it will be just like I'm still living here.

And who knows.. maybe some day the right job will open up and we'll find ourselves back in this neck of the woods.


  1. Sounds like an exciting adventure, although the thought of a PhD causes me to twitch. It has been suggested that I start to consider it. Hmmmm....(ponder ponder contemplate think). No. No thank you! I'd like to keep all my hair and my family while I'm at it! :)

    Best of wishes to you and your family as you make this change!

  2. Rock on, Kevin. You'll be missed, but we know where to find you online *creepy laugh*. :)


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