Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm... ALIVE!!

Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

We are alive and well here in Harrisonburg, VA.  We arrived on the 1st and have been in various stages of unpacking and getting lost in the surrounding area.  My office is.. frankly buried under boxes and boxes of everything from electrical cords and old modems to blankets and clothing.

Things are, however, beginning to take on some small form of normalcy. 

We're pretty much broke already.. so we've slipped back into that uncomfortable 'full-time student' mode without really missing much of a beat.  Only difference is we've added 3 kids since the last time either one of us were full-time students.

Yeah...  :/

I've been swamped, it seems, with little repairs on the house. It seems there wasn't much done in the way of cleaning before we moved in.. my wife has already painted one room, and has designs on at least 2 others.. assuming we can afford paint again anytime soon.

She has also cleaned the carpets in 2 rooms, and the difference is scarily obvious.  The house we live in is older.. but not without some charm.  Our backyard is tremendous, and the location is honestly unbeatable.  The house just needs to be scrubbed from top to bottom and hung out to dry.  :(

Yet another reason why moving just sucks.. =P

On the positive side.. after weeks of feeling burnt out on writing, the desire is taking hold again.. and I've had a new storyline come into focus.. giving me 2 different complete storylines I've got rattling around in my head that need to get down on paper.

Now.. to find the time.  lol


  1. I've wondered where you've been! Glad to see that Team Hiatt is still breathing! What a transition for your family... goodness... but glad that the writing bug is taking hold again... that is the one good thing about long breaks... you can expect a huge burst of inspiration! Hopefully you can find moments here and there to jot down a few words ;)

    1. Thanks Morgan.. it is going to take some getting used to for sure. I'm a West Coast guy, born in Oregon, educated in Idaho, and lived the last 20 years between Idaho and Utah. To suddenly be in the 'South', (still not sure how Virginia is 'South' given it's actual geographic location), is culture shock to some great magnitude. However, as things normalize I'm confident I'll get there. Plus I have plans to not miss any LTUE's or LDStorymakers conferences. :)

  2. Moving is so hard! It throws your world totally off balance! Glad to hear you're starting to settle in and I hope you can find the time to write :)

    1. Thanks, and yes, I've been completely off balance. Even something as simple as moving from MST to ET has just killed my sleep schedule. I'm not sleeup until around 2:30, but then the sun is in our window at 6:30.. so I'm averaging around 4 hours sleep, assuming I can actually fall asleep and stay asleep on our new matress to boot.

  3. Good to know! Hang in there! I hope soon you'll have some uninterrupted stretches of time to write once you get organized. Takes time! Good luck!

    1. Thanks. I think things will slow down considerably when school starts and we all get on a regular schedule. Of course, I am probably fooling myself as well.


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